About MeruBiz

Started in 2002 by Neeraj Gupta, MeruBiz (formerly known as V-Link Fleet Solutions) aims to be India's most preferred passenger logistics company that provides cost-effective, safe and timely travel solutions. The emphasis is on cutting edge technology, professional out-look and time honoured deliverables, to achieve a global positioning in the passenger transportation industry.

Our aim is to give India a global positioning in the passenger transportation industry with emphasis on cutting edge technology, professional out-looks and time honoured deliverables.

With a fleet size of over 20,000 cars in 24 major cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Kolkata, MeruBiz provides end-to-end transportation solutions to more than 100 leading companies in various sectors such as BPO, Banking, IT, ITES, Media, Financial Services etc.

MeruBiz is a part of the Meru Group that has partnered with True North (formerly known as India Value Fund) and launched 'MERU' cab services in 2007. Presently, Meru is the largest radio taxi company in the country serving over 10 million consumers and presence in top 24 cities of our country.


We have a constant support system that has had our back in all our endeavours. True North got our wheels rolling and worked in sync with us towards creating one of the finest passenger transportation businesses in India.

True North (formerly known as India Value Fund Advisors), a premier private equity fund, managing a corpus of over US $ 2 billion owns majority stake in the Company. Deep knowledge and understanding of Indian markets has led True North to successfully launch five independent investment funds, with a combined corpus of ~US$ 2 billion. These funds have been raised from over 35 high quality international institutions with a combined investable capital base of over US$ 1 trillion. Currently, True North is investing out of Fund V, which has a corpus of US$ 700 million.

Over the last two decades, True North has invested ~US$ 1.5 billion across 30+ businesses in transport, retailing, healthcare, media and entertainment, specialized engineering and financial services sectors. It has successfully transformed many of these companies into large businesses that are valuable, enduring, and socially responsible, creating immense value for all stakeholders.

With True North’s support many businesses have transformed, creating an immense value for all their stakeholders. Likewise, we hope to achieve our company’s goals and vision by collaborating with them. For more information on True North, please visit www.truenorthco.in.