Join us for a ride

Here's why you should join MeruBiz for a ride

  • cost-saving 20-30 % cost saving

    Reduction in manpower.
    Optimization of routes.
    Pay as you go billing

  • administrative-ease Administrative Ease

    Reduction in multiple
    intermediaries. No
    dealing with transport
    vendor, sub-vendor,
    multiple car provider,
    single car owner, etc.

  • AccurateData Accurate Data

    GPS based KM tracking.
    Data security
    since there is no
    manual entry.
    No possibility of

  • INFORMATION-MIS Information & MIS

    Web portal to
    Generate various
    reports on
    compliance, cost.

  • EMPLOYEE-BENEFITS Employee Benefits

    Shorter travel
    time. Enhanced
    safety. Hassel
    free pickup and
    drop. Feedback
    mechanism for
    every trip.

  • No need to hire a large team to manage transport as the same will be handled by MeruBiz.
  • Reduction in the Manpower deployed for Scheduling/Tracking and dispatching of cabs.
  • Chauffeur and Vehicle compliance check online with documentation support.
  • Client will not need to hire a large team to manage transport as the same will be handled by MeruBiz Technology at the back end.
  • Option to select a billing type as per your need, pay per KM, package based on hours/KM, outstation packages.
  • Pay point to point, no charges for garage or empty run.
  • Access operation status and other information real-time through the MeruBiz portal.
  • Generate reports and MIS on operational efficiency, compliances and costs as required.
  • Automatic and intelligent routing considering all the business rules and configurations.
Features of new innovative technology

Our new technology solution makes life simpler for you and your people.

  • Automated rostering and scheduling based on the based on configuration and rules defined in the system by you.
  • Automated vehicle allocation and dispatch which select the vehicle nearest to the employee's pickup location.
  • Automated SMS to employees as soon as the vehicle is assigned for the trip and when the vehicle reaches the pickup location.
  • Real-time, accurate capture of KM through GPS
  • Real-time billing.
  • Automated IVR for interaction between chauffeur and employee with masking of phone numbers to ensure data security.