The technology that runs MeruBiz

Our Tech Platform

MeruBiz with its award winning Meru technology has developed a first-of-its kind, integrated and comprehensive technology platform for its Corporate Travel Solutions and other services that come under the umbrella of its product offerings. The path breaking software solution has three main components:

Web application for administration

We've created an integrated, comprehensive, web-based application that enables MeruBiz to manage all your travel requirements in a centralized manner. MeruBiz with its optimized algorithms has automated the routing, scheduling, vehicle allocation & dispatch. The web portal is equipped with live tracking and monitoring via GPS enabled devices and real time reports for analytics. Billing and payments is also automated to facilitate ease in the entire billing process.

Mobile application for chauffeurs & users

All our chauffeurs own recommended mobile devices installed with MeruBiz mobile app that provides details of the trip such as the pick-up/drop address and time, number of passengers and navigation map for the shortest route. Through the app, chauffeurs can indicate their status and position. The system captures real time information like if the chauffeur has departed from the garage, if he has arrived at the destination, if the passengers have been picked up/dropped or even in case of a break-down.

Also featured under out tech platform is the user mobile app which can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store. Users availing travel services under any of our product offerings will be able to view their trip details, track the vehicles, send and receive alerts and provide feedback all at a click of a button.

Live tracking and reporting for clients

Clients can view the vehicles and their status live on a map, and have access to number of reports such as performance, cost by division/department; most used routes or location, kilometers travelled daily, and so on.

The specific features of our technology platform are illustrated below:
Key benefits of our technology platform
  • 20% to 30% reduction in cost
  • Reduction in required manpower
  • Accurate kilometer readings are available through GPS providing absolute transparency in billing.
  • Route optimization will reduce dry runs and distance travelled.
Simplified processes
  • No need to constantly interact with multiple entities such as Transport vendors, sub-vendors, drivers, service provider, etc.
  • Reduced calls as status updates are available live on the tracker.
  • Reduced time spent on planning as the automated route planning and scheduling takes care of that.
Data accuracy
  • GPS-based distance calculations.
  • Data security since no manual entry is possible
  • No possibility of tampering as information is tracked and available live.
Security and privacy of employee data
  • All servers behind industry grade firewall.
  • Access to any data strictly based on the role requirement.
  • All communication between the server and the application encrypted through VeriSign certificate.
  • The employee phone number is not shared with the driver. The call will be auto initiated from IVR and patch both parties through masked number calling.
  • Reports on various parameters available at a click
  • Analyse spends by department or division, know routes most frequented; calculate per employee billing and many other pre-set reports.
Peace of mind
  • Reduced hassle as status of pick-up and drop is provided via SMS on a regular basis
  • Optimized routes result in shorter waiting time and shorter travel time
  • Live tracker provides for enhanced safety
  • Feedback mechanism available for every trip